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First Aid can be as serious as saving someone’s life or as simple as comforting someone who is feeling unwell.  In this course, you will learn basic skills that are easy to remember but incredibly important. With these skills, you can easily prevent someone from getting worse, reduce their pain, and help their recovery. 

First aid relies on quick help from the medical professionals. It’s important you call 999 as soon as possible so the paramedics can get there and help.  One of the most important things you can do for the injured person is to simply talk to them. Hearing your voice will reassure and calm them until help arrives. Whenever you are helping somebody it’s important to make sure that you are safe, that you get help, and that you talk to them during treatment. 

Throughout this course, you'll watch a series of videos followed by some knowledge review questions, and then finally a completion test. You can start and stop the course as often as you wish and return to it exactly where you left off. You can also watch any of the videos again at any time during and after the course. The course can be viewed on any device, so if you wish to, you can start watching on your computer and then finish it on your smartphone or tablet. On each page of the course, there's text available to read about the subject covered to further support the video. There is also additional help available if you initially answer any of the questions incorrectly. Once you've passed the test, your completion certificate, your certified CPD statement, and the evidence-based learning statement will all be available for you to print off.

There are many resources and links to support your training, and these can be accessed from the online course home page. We're constantly updating our course, so check back regularly to view any new material. We give you access to the course for eight months from when you started it, even after you've passed your test. We offer free company dashboards, so if you're responsible for staff training in your workplace and you'd like more information on our company solutions, please contact us by email, phone, or using our online chat facility. This may be a course that is delivered online, but we offer you complete support throughout your training. Finally, with all our online courses, you'll receive an email every Monday morning to keep your skills fresh and to see any new videos we've added to the course. These emails also include news from our blog, and you can choose to receive them or stop them at any time. We hope you enjoy your course and thank you for choosing ProTrainings.