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Welcome to First Aid Training

Course Structure

Course Categories: Divided into specific topics for structured learning.

Video Lessons: Multiple videos in each category for comprehensive training.

Flexible Learning: Pause, rewind, and revisit videos as needed.

Regular Updates: We keep our courses up-to-date with replacements and new videos.

Support and Contact

Assistance: Reach out to us anytime during the course for support.

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Course Overview

Let's provide an overview of the course content. We'll cover various essential topics:

Section 1: Calling Medical Professionals

Topics: When and how to call 999, ensuring medical professionals arrive promptly.

Self-Care: Maintaining personal fitness and understanding ID tags and bracelets.

Section 2: Accident Prevention

Topics: Strategies for avoiding accidents and staying safe in emergency situations.

Infection Control: Techniques for preventing the spread of infections.

Section 3: First Aid Essentials

Topics: Covering the importance of first aid kits, fall prevention, and the recovery position.

Common Conditions: Information on fainting, heart attacks, angina, and sudden chest pain.

Section 4: CPR and AED

Topics: Understanding sudden cardiac arrest, CPR procedures, and the use of AED units.

Specifics: Detailed CPR breakdown, addressing choking, and exploring atrial fibrillation.

Section 5: Injury and Illness

Topics: First aid skills for injuries and illnesses, including bleeding, cuts, spinal injuries, and shock types.

Treatments: Guidance on burns, eye injuries, minor injuries, stroke, diabetes, asthma, and allergic reactions.

Section 6: Specialized First Aid

Topics: Covering first aid for children and pets, addressing their unique needs.

Enjoy your learning journey, and feel free to explore each section at your own pace.