Online 50 Plus First Aid Level 2 (VTQ) Training Videos

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Taught by Keith Sleightholm
Video Playtime: 2 hours and 56 minutes
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  • 24/7 on-demand video
  • Access on mobile
  • SCORM Ready! Works with your LMS
  • Follows UK & ERC guidelines
  • Endorsed by Skills for Care
  • 4.0 hrs CPD
  • Instant printable wall certificate
  • Weekly refresher video
  • Expiration reminder
  • Student manual - English, Spanish, Polish and Arabic

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50 Plus First Aid Level 2 (VTQ) At a Glance

  • Includes the latest CPR and Coronavirus recommendations
  • Learn first aid problems that can arise with the over 50's age range, whether you are over 50 or care for someone over 50
  • Ideal for families, parents or grandparents to help you save a life or help someone in need
  • Includes various injuries and illnesses that you may encounter
  • Follows the latest UK and European Resuscitation Council guidelines
  • Can be completed 100% online or contact us for a practical course locally
  • Includes child skills to make a comprehensive course
  • Endorsed by TQUK

Welcome to your 50 Plus First Aid level 2 course. We start this course by giving you an introduction about what to expect during the course. We talk about the common injuries in the elderly, and how and when you should call the medical professionals. You will then learn about keeping yourself fit and healthy, and the use of ID tags and bracelets.

In this section we talk about accidents, and what you can do to avoid them. You will learn about how to keep safe in an emergency situation, and also the use of gloves and first aid kits. Finally, you will learn about falls, and how they can be prevented.

In this section you will learn about different scenarios you may come across. We teach you about the recovery position and fainting. You will then learn about heart conditions such as heart attacks, angina, atrial fibrillation and sudden cardiac arrest and CPR. We also talk about compressions, breaths and when to call for assistance.

In this section you will learn about different injuries you may come across. We start by talking about bleeding and excessive blood loss. You will then learn about spinal injuries, breaks, fractures, and sprains, and also how to deal with shock. You will learn how to treat burns, eye injuries and also other minor injuries you may encounter such as blisters for example. Finally, we talk about head injuries.

This section is all about illnesses. We start of by teaching you about strokes, and then we move onto diabetes. You will then learn more about breathing problems and asthma. In the final section, we teach you about allergic reactions and anaphylaxis.

In this penultimate section you will learn about first aid on children, and also first aid on pets.