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Entonox online course

Entonox is a medical drug used in pain relief and we have launched a new video online course telling you the basics on its use. Our Awareness course gives you the basics on how to manage and deliver it to a patient.

Alzheimer’s disease

The results identified a specific signature of a group of genes in the regions of the brain which are most vulnerable to Alzheimer’s disease. Healthy individuals with this specific gene signature are highly likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease in later life, and would most benefit from preventative treatments, if and when they are developed for human use.

Elsa a Dog Aid Retriever Doodle at Crufts 2015

Dogs are excellent to assist the disabled.Elsa a Dog Aid Retriever Doodle at Crufts 2015 The charity Dog Aid train dogs to assist their disabled owners to complete daily tasks.