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Well done on completing your course. The next stage is to complete your course test. Before you start the test, you can review any of the videos and you can read through the documents and links in the student resources section. The test is a multiple choice test, and you can retake it if you need to. There is no time limit to taking the test, but you have to complete it in one sitting. There is only one correct answer per question and it's a mixture of four answers or true or false questions. 

If you get an answer wrong, you'll be given some help, and then you can select another answer. Making a different choice to get the right answer will not affect your final score, but will ensure that you know the correct answer to all questions before proceeding. We use an adaptive testing system, so no two people will get the same questions and you must pass each section of the course. The system will ask additional questions if you've not passed the section.

Once you have passed the test, you can print off your completion certificate or anytime from the homepage of this course, where you can also print off your certified CPD statement and the evidence-based learning statement.

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